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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Cam Newton Wins For Homecoming Queen

"The Heisman Memorial Trophy annually recognizes the outstanding college football player whose performance best exhibits the pursuit of excellence with integrity. Winners epitomize great ability combined with diligence, perseverance, and hard work. The Heisman Trophy Trust ensures the continuation and integrity of this award. The Trust, furthermore, has a charitable mission to support amateur athletics and to provide greater opportunities to the youth of our country. Our goal through these charitable endeavors is for the Heisman Trophy to symbolize the fostering of a sense of community responsibility and service to our youth, especially those disadvantaged or afflicted. All assets of the Trust beyond the expense of maintaining the annual presentation of the Heisman Memorial Trophy are reserved for such charitable causes. The Trustees, who all serve pro bono, are guided by a devotion to college football and are committed to community service and the valued tradition which the Trophy represents."

The Heisamn Trophy has quickly become the biggest joke in amateur  athletics.  Wait, I might want to retract that last statement.  Cam Newton and Reggie Bush were not amateurs!  There are many reasons that this once distinguished award has lost its credibility. They include, but are not limited to the inability of anybody other than a quarterback or runningback from the top team to actually have an ability to win, the inability of anybody from a non BCS school to win it, to its newest winner Cam Newton.   This award has become as legitimate as a high school homecoming queen contest. 

But back to the mission statement of the Heisman Trust.  You will notice that key words from the mission statement are hilighted.  I am just curious where there is any sort of integrity in breaking NCAA rules as the Heaisman Trust outlines in its mission statement?  What type of integrity was Cam Newton showing when he was busted for cheating at Florida, not once, but twice!  And what type of integrity does it take to steal a lap top?  Do heisman voters not realize that the reason Cam Newton is even at Auburn  right now is because he LACKS INTEGRITY?  A LACK OF INTEGRITY positioned Cam Newton to be in the spotlight he is currently in.

So, the Heisman Trust might want to re-write their mission statement.  After selecting Reggie Bush as its winner in 2005, the trophy was again given to another scandalous player.  I guess they did not learn their lesson the first time around.  Please, do us all a favor Heisman Trust.  Rewrite your mission statement and take out words such as integrity, amateur, and responsibility, because none of those apply to Cam Newton. 


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sammy Baugh Award???

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Of course the award had to go out to an over hyped player!  Landry Jones you were the winner.  However, The Over Hyped says otherwise.  Who is our winner of the best passing quarterback in college football?  Well it ain't Scam Newton, Kellen Moore, or Ryan Mallet.  Who is it you ask?  I bet you are dying to know!  Can you stand the suspense? 

Alright, our QB of the year goes to........ Bryant Moniz of Hawaii!  You might ask why? Well, I will tell you why!  Moniz threw for more yards than Jones did this season in less pass attempts. He threw one more TD pass than Jones, averaged more yards per attempt and completion, and had a higher passing rating.

Bryant Moniz, you were the best QB in college football in 2010.  Kellen Moore, you were right there beside him!

Monday, December 6, 2010

How Can You Afford To Keep Him?

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How in the world can the University of New Mexico afford to keep coach Mike Locksley?  Does the state of New Mexico know something the rest of us don't in regards to the economy?  Did the University receive some sort of bailout that allows crowds, like those shown in the picture above, to pay the bills?  Did they somehow escape the sub prime fallout unscathed?  If you can pay for a 20 million dollar plus budget with a crowd like that, then their AD needs to take the place of Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke!

So how does this university afford this?  This picture (compliments of Rob in Albuquerque) was taken in the third quarter of a game vs. #4 TCU!  Yes the #4 team in the country was there!

So not only is fan attendance lagging at New Mexico, but their coach seems to be a ticking time bomb.  In less than two full years on the job he has been sued for sexual harassment and for assaulting an assistant coach.  How does this guy keep his job?  This does not even account for the alleged incident between he and a reporter at a local bar. 

And then, yes there is more, he banned all football players from visiting downtown Albuquerque night clubs.  Wait, let me get this straight.  Coach can go out to bars and get into it but his players can't?  Makes sense to me.  Too bad for the Lobos they don't play night club bouncers ever week.  It seems as if they are more their size!

So, a guy can lose a lot of football games and bring in no revenue (see picture above), sexually harass a secretary, beat up an assistant coach, and get into altercations with reporters, but keep his job?  HOW?  The cost of a buy out?  Hell, with all of the legal fees the University has spent covering for him, he should be buying them out! 

I don't know if there is any coach in America that would still have a job with this baggage, much less the worst football team in America.  Do you guys in New Mexico know something the rest of us don't?

I think I know something New Mexico doesn't know.  Mike Locksley is the worst coach in NCAA football!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

More Cam Newton

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SEC Bylaw

If at any time before or after matriculation in a member institution a student-athlete or any member of his/her family receives or AGREES to receive, directly or INDIRECTLY, any aid or assistance beyond or in addition to that permitted by the Bylaws of this Conference (except such aid or assistance as such student-athlete may receive from those persons on whom the student is naturally or legally dependent for support), such student- athlete shall be ineligible for competition in any intercollegiate sport within the Conference for the remainder of his/her college career.

Well let me see.  The NCAA and the SEC both agree that Cecil Newton attempted to solicit payment for his sons services.  Then there are the text messages which outline a payment schedule for these services.  So, the NCAA and the SEC both state that no money was ever exchanged between a representative of Newton and an NCAA institution.  Alright, there is no proof of this, yet!  And they declare him good to go.

However, lets take a look at the words up top in the bold font.  It clearly states AGREED and INDIRECTLY.  It says nothing about receiving an actual payment.  Wouldn't the text messages outlining a payment plan be an AGREEMENT?  I would believe so.  Those are not my words either.  They are straight from NCAA by-laws.

What would the NCAA or the SEC have done if this were Mississippi?

So, it is obvious the SEC and the NCAA are sweeping this under the rug until after the 2010 season is complete.  Auburn will still make tens of millions of dollars based on this season's successes.  A school like TCU will lose out on the chance to play for a National Tile, and the rest of us must relive the Reggie Bush scandal all over again.  All for what?  So the NCAA can come back 3 years from now and make Auburn vacate their wins on paper?  Wow!  What a joke the NCAA is becoming.  By not standing up to Auburn and Cam Newton, the NCAA is potentially cutting its own throat. They are opening themselves up to lawsuits, a PR nightmare, and a potential demise of the BCS.

Our Final Top 25

1.  Auburn
2.  Texas Christian
3.  Oregon
4.  Michigan St.
5.  Wisconsin
6.  Stanford
7.  Ohio St.
8. Nevada
9. Boise St.
10.  Arkansas
11.  Oklahoma
12. LSU
13. Virginia Tech
14. Oklahoma St.
15. Missouri
16. Utah
17. Alabama
18. Nebraska
19. Texas A&M
20. Connecticut
21. Central Florida
22. West Virginia
23. Hawaii
24. Navy
25. S. Carolina

Friday, December 3, 2010

Most Over Hyped Coach!!!!!

And the award for The Most Over Hyped Coach goes to……….drum roll…………  Mike Stoops!  Yes, Mike Stoops is the most over rated and over hyped coach in America!  You might be saying, but they were ranked in the top 10 at one point this season.  Well, they were, and so was Texas!  And where are they now?  Where you start the season is not important but rather where you finish the season. 
Speaking of finishing the season.  Under stoops, Arizona has yet to finish a season ranked in the top 25.  Barring some major help from voters, Arizona won’t finish this season ranked either. 
I know, I know Arizona has won 8 games each of the last two seasons. However, you must look closely at the numbers.
Mike Stoops is 40-44 for his career at Arizona.  In 84 games, Stoops still has a losing record.  Now, take away his wins against Northern Arizona and Stephen F. Austin and Stoops is 34-44.  Yes that is TEN games below .500 against Division 1 football teams.  Take away his 3 wins vs. the MAC and Stoops is 31-44! So, in a nutshell, Arizona is great at beating the little guys!
Wait I retract that last sentence!  Mike Stoops has a losing record vs. the Mountain West Conference!  Yes, in his time at Arizona, Stoops is 2-5 against the Mountain West Conference.  That includes an 0-2 record vs. Utah and New Mexico.  Wait, New Mexico?  He is 0-2 against New Mexico?  WOW!
Alright, how about the Pac 10?  Against the Pac 10, Stoops has, well you probably guessed it, a losing record!  His Pac 10 record is 27-34.  As a matter of fact, he only has one season in which Arizona has finished with a winning Pac 10 record.    And how has he fared against the Big 3 (Oregon St., Oregon, USC) Pac 10 opponents?  Well you probably guessed by now.  He has a losing record! Yup, 5-16!
What about other BCS conferences?  Well, Arizona is 1-5.  I think you know what comes next.  That is a losing record.  His only win versus a program from another BCS conference was against Iowa this season. 
Am I saying that Mike Stoops is a bad coach?  No!  Is he over-hyped?  Yes!   ESPN commentators were talking up Arizona as a National Championship contender after they started the season 4-0.  Come on guys slow down!  Stoops is not some top tier coach like you guys love to make him out to be.  If, and that is a big if, Arizona could play the MAC, Northern Arizona, Citadel and Washington state every week, they just might be that National Championship contender.   
Other Candidates Considered:
Greg Schiano- Rutgers
Rich Rodriguez- Michigan
Butch Davis- North Carolina

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Speaking of Overhyped

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It is time for the NCAA to make a rule change regarding quarterback statistics.  I am tired of seeing guys throw the ball forward, behind the line of scrimmage, and getting credit for passing yards.  In a game earlier this season, Landry Jones of Oklahoma, had over 100 yards passing in the first quarter of a game and only threw two balls past the line of scrimmage.  He kept swinging it out to backs and throwing screen passes to his backs and receivers. 

These QBs throw for 3,000 yards plus a season throwing swing passes and screens!  Talk about over hyped!   How many of them play QB in the NFL?

I am tired of seeing quarterbacks and their record breaking statistics week in and week out.  I think every kid playing QB can throw a ball 7 yards to a running back! It's time for the NCAA to count every pass thrown behind the line of scrimmage as a run!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

This Smells Like Poo!

Today, Cam Newton was cleared by the NCAA to play without any conditions surrounding his eligibility.  In their release, the NCAA did admit that Cam's father attempted to shop his son to another school.  Wait dad tried to sell son, and probably did, but he is ok to play?  If this does not stink like poo then my newborn daughters pampers smell like roses!

Really?  Didn't USC just go on probation for things Reggie Bush's parents did?  Things that Reggie supposedly had no knowledge of.  USC is paying dearly for "Reggie's parents",  yet Cam Newton is clean as a silk sheet at a 5 star hotel.   And he knew nothing of this?  "Sure dad decide my future.  Send me anywhere you want.  I know you are doing it, simply out of the kindness of your heart."  "Who cares where I want to go?"  Give me a break!  The kid can't be that dumb to think daddy did not have anything illegal going on.  Wait this is also the same kid who cheated in entry level college classes.  Maybe he is that dumb!  The NCAA made an example of USC.  Why?  Because they are from the west coast, plain and simple!

So wait, Dez Bryant can't work out with Deion Sanders, but Cam Newton's father can try to sell him?  A coach can't give a kid a ride or buy him a burger, but you can attempt (i think it was more than an attempt) to sell your son's services?

What would have happened to Cam Newton if he was the QB at Arkansas State?  He would have been ruled ineligible and the school would have been given the death penalty!

Wait again! Let me get this straight.  You can cheat if you are playing for a National Title contender, but not a little guy!  Why is this that the NCAA clears Cam Newton?  Is it because they don't want to see TCU play in the title game and possibly win the title?  I think so!  If TCU won a National Title the BCS would die a quick, yet painful death. 

And then there is the Milton McGregor dilemma.  Rumors float around that he rigged slot machines to pay out Auburn football players.  They went to the casino, played some slots, collected their winnings, and walked out with ZERO paper trail. 

Something at Auburn stinks right now and it ain't Cam Newton's dirty jock strap!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Stand Up Like A Man!!!!!!

Its time for the BCS to stop its garbage.  The BCS guys need to remember the famous words of Mike Gundy.  These guys are not professional athletes.  Don't kick them when they are down.  Be a MAN like Mike Gundy!  I hope someday the BCS advocates have a child and somebody downgrades him and belittles him and they have to look him in the eye and say its ok, they are supposed to be mature adults and they are not.  Are you kidding me?  Come on BCS powers that be!  Quit picking on the poor kids at non-BCS schools.  Pick on me!  I am 32.  I am a MAN!

Anyhow, I am tired of hearing the non-BCS leagues bitch and complain about not belonging to the BCS.  Do something about it!  Quit bitching and stand up for yourselves!!!!!   What if Martin Luther King waited for Civil Rights to happen on their own.  What if Americans quit when the Germans (Animal House) bombed pearl harbor? Don't even get me started about Pearl Harbor.  We are the Americans, and they are the enemy.  Never Again! We don't have to take it like Rosa Parks or David Lee Roth when he left Van Halen.

What am I trying to say here?  Stand up for yourselves little guys (WAC, MWC, C-USA, MAC, SunBelt).  Hit the BCS guys in the mouth!  You have the power and you aren't even using it!  What am I talking about?  

Simple!  Quit playing BCS schools!  The BCS schools need the so called little guys, more than the little guy needs them.  Imagine if the so called big boys could not pad their schedules with easy wins over bottom feeding programs?  Imagine if the Big 10 did not have the MAC to pay, oh I mean play, or the SEC the Sun Belt and C-USA?  Who would they play?  EACH OTHER!!!!!  No more freebie wins for the so called BCS schools.  How does this impact them?  They would not be able to have 8 or 9 bowl eligible teams each year as they do now.  This would in essence destroy mid level bowl games. More schools might have losing records which impacts fan support and financial support.  That might open up some eyes and force a bit of a change.

So, its simple. Stop playing schools from BCS conferences!  Be men like Mike Gundy!  Stand up for yourselves. Quit pimping yourself out and then blaming the Pimp for taking your money! Force the change! 

Monday, November 29, 2010

Come Out of the Closet Craig James!

Wait, maybe he should stay there!  Where is Mike Leach when we need him to lock up another James in a closet?  Craig needs to join his son there as soon as possible!

Craig James said, "BCS schools have better coaching" than non BCS programs.  Is he kidding me?  There are only 60 or so good coaches out there?  Craig, was Jim Tressel a bad coach before he went to Ohio St.?  Mark Dantonio before Michigan St.?  Nick Saban before Michigan St. and Alabama?  Urban Myer before Florida?  Derek Dooley before Tennessee?  Chip Kelley before Oregon?  Houston Nutt before Arkansas?  Mack Brown before Texas? I think you get the point here!

Craig, do us all a favor, shut your mouth and lock yourself in a closet! Coach Leach, take care of the light work please!